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Thread: ADONET connection String double server

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    ADONET connection String double server

    I can to put 2 server ips in ADOCOM connection string. (For 2PC).
    For example:
    provider=AttunityConnect;Extended Properties='BindURL=ATTUNITY:CONNECT@TENRF1:2551/MASIVO&TENSQL1:2551/Navigator';User ID=NAV;Password=nav;Initial Catalog=BDP;persist security info=False

    But How can to do it in adonet connection string?.
    Thank you,

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    Ignacio, this post is not directly related to the original thread so I have moved it to a new thread.

    As for your question, the ADO/OLEDB provider which supports adding connections to multiple machines is a 'fat-client' -- it contains not only the network protocol client but also the Attunity query processor and federation engine. This allows it to directly talk to multiple machines.

    The AIS ADO.NET provider is a 'thin-client' -- it contains only the network protocol bits and so it can only communicate with a single server.

    You have two options:

    1. Use Microsoft's ADO.NET for OLEDB providers which will simply give you the ADO.NET API on top of the AIS OLEDB provider. In this case, you need to have the full AIS for Windows installed.
    2. Use the AIS ADO.NET thin client but add a shortcut from the server you connect to, to the other server you want to be part of the same transaction. You will have to set the environment transaction setting on the server to convert simple transactions to distributed transactions (the convertAllToDistributed attribute on the environment transactions element)
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