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Thread: attunity is hanging on the last table during full load

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    attunity is hanging on the last table during full load

    Hi all,
    We're running full table loads with multiple tables (~50) every morning and are encountering an issue where attunity will hang on one table after it has loaded everything else (see attached image). The dangling table is sometimes stuck in the loading state and sometimes stuck in the queued state. It's a different table each time and there are no apparent patterns in the failures, except that they seem to be on larger tables. A job can stay stuck for days at a time (in which case it will block future loads). A (maybe?) related issue is that it takes a very long time to stop stuck jobs - on the order of an hour. Any idea what this could be? This doesn't happen on every load but it happens on most. Thank you!

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    Hello mprast,

    This look like a refresh issue on full load.

    1. Could you check on the Redshift target to see if all the record could for the hang table is the same on the source?

    2. Could you check on the Redshift Cluster manager to see if any hang query or commit ?

    3. What version of Replicate are you running?

    4. On the Attunity Cloudbeam server, could you open up add/remove problem and provide us more detail on the Attunity software / version?


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