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Thread: Attunity not capturing the changes

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    Attunity not capturing the changes


    I having an issue with Attunity that it is not capturing the changes.


    Source: RDS MySQL
    Target: Redshift

    In this scenario, I shutdown the attunity server (which has Attunity Replicate Server, Replicate Console, CloudBeam AMI) at the end of the day. Next day, I start the server and resume the attunity task in the console; the task will start running however it is not capturing any changes happen in RDS MySQL during the day. From this point on wards, this task wouldn't capture any changes even if I do the reload again. So I have to create a new task. Eventually this new task also stop listening for changes if it goes through the same scenario explained earlier.

    Please let me know how to fix this issue.


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    Hello Ram,

    1. It is not recommended have the Attunity Replicate Server on the same server as the Attunity Cloudbeam.

    2. Normally, when Amazon EC2 server turn off and on, it changes the ip address, unless you have a static ip. If Ip address changes you need to reconfigure your database setting.

    3. Depending on how long you keep the log for your RDSmySQL it could be that the logs are archived.

    4. you can enable source_capture to debug on your task, so that it have more logging. Then review the log after 30 minutes , and look for any "]E:" in the log, omitting the quote.


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