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Thread: Redshift replication errors

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    Redshift replication errors


    I have a couple of tasks running at the same time to replicate data from 2 SQL Server databases (DB1 & DB2) to Redshift. One task is running and replicating correctly incremental changes (DB1) while the other one (DB2) is having issues with incremental data load. I can see errors like the one below in the log:

    00003064: 2016-01-21T18:26:57 [INFRASTRUCTURE ]E: A replication task with <DB1> as the source database and Amazon Redshift as the target is currently in progress. Your Attunity CloudBeam AMI instance (Hourly) does not allow concurrent replication tasks with Amazon Redshift as the target.; Failed in service validity, Http request returned error. (at_csdk.c:611)

    It looks like Attunity cannot replicate incremental changes for 2 tasks at the same time. Is this a restriction of the AMI I am using? if so, what would be the workaround?

    This is my current product license: Attunity CloudBeam for Amazon Redshift (Premium) - Hourly

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Hello Anwar,

    Yes, the issue is with the Attunity Cloudbeam AMI you are using.

    Option would be:

    1. Get another Attunity Cloudbeam AMI (hourly) server to handle more tasks.

    2. Buy actual license for Replicate, so that you can use Attunity Cloudbeam AMI (BYOL) that could handle multiple tasks.


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