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Thread: Regarding the files written to S3 bucket

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    Regarding the files written to S3 bucket


    I understand that when replicating data to Redshift, Attunity writes data as files in S3 bucket first and later copies them to Redshift. I assume once the files are copied to Redshift, the S3 files are deleted. I wanted to know whether I can control the operations in S3. My requirement is to persist those files written in S3 so that they can be used as input for Elastic Map Reduce jobs. Please let know whether I can solve this requirement using Attunity since I need the same data in both Redshift and S3.


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    Hello Ram,

    1. Currently there is no option to keep the data at S3 for redshift Target.

    However, if you have a full Replicate license, you can Replicate to a file as Target.

    Then use our Attunity R1 to copy the data to S3:

    Attunity CloudBeam for Amazon S3 | Attunity

    Steve Nguyen

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