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  1. flat file in attunity
  2. Meaning of TokenSize in AIS
  3. Database Compatibility Issues for Adabas: Locking
  4. Database Compatibility Issues for Adabas: Queries
  5. Database Compatibility Issues for Adabas: Data Types
  6. Database Compatibility Issues for Adabas: Naming Rules
  7. Oracle Functions
  8. Supported SQL Statements
  9. Globalization Support Overview
  10. Initialization Parameters: HS_FDS_DATASOURCE_NAME
  11. Initialization Parameters: HS_FDS_DEFAULT_SCHEMA_NAME
  12. Initialization Parameters: HS_NLS_LANGUAGE
  13. Initialization Parameters: HS_FDS_ACCESS_METHOD
  14. Initialization Parameters: HS_FDS_TRANSACTION_LOG
  15. Initialization Parameters: HS_FDS_TRACE_LEVEL
  16. Initialization Parameters: HS_FDS_TRACE_LEVEL
  17. Initialization Parameters: HS_FDS_RECOVERY_PWD
  18. Initialization Parameters: HS_FDS_TRANSACTION_MODEL
  19. Initialization Parameters: HS_FDS_RECOVERY_ACCOUNT
  20. Initialization Parameters: HS_FDS_PARSER_TOKEN_SIZE
  21. Initialization Parameters: HS_FDS_CONNECT_INFO
  22. National Language Support (NLS) Settings
  23. Adabas Transaction Support
  24. IMS Transaction Support
  25. Using Trace Log Files to Troubleshoot Oracle Connect
  26. Using the NAV_UTIL CHECK DATASOURCE Utility to Troubleshoot Oracle Connect
  27. Using the NAV_UTIL CHECK SERVER Utility to Troubleshoot Oracle Connect
  28. HS Initialization Parameter File Syntax
  29. Supported Data Dictionary Views and Tables
  30. VSAM Transaction Support
  31. VSAM Metadata Sources
  32. Starting Multiple Daemons
  33. Manually Starting a Daemon on OS/390 and z/OS Platforms
  34. Manually Starting a Daemon on HP NonStop, OpenVMS, OS/400, UNIX, and Windows Platform
  35. Enabling Automatic Daemon Startup
  36. Starting Daemons
  37. Configuring Oracle Transparent Gateway for Global Transactions
  38. Transparent Gateway for IMS
  39. Transparent Gateway for Adabas
  40. Transparent Gateway for VSAM
  41. Choosing a System Identifier for the Gateway (IMS, VSAM, or Adabas)
  42. Gateway Password Encryption Tool
  43. Accessing IMS Data Through the Gateway
  44. Accessing Adabas Data Through the Gateway
  45. Accessing VSAM Data Through the Gateway
  46. IMS Metadata Sources
  47. Exporting Adabas Predict to ADD
  48. Gateway Data Dictionary
  49. Pass-Through for Adabas
  50. Pass-Through for VSAM
  51. Using a different codepage
  52. Connecting Oracle Transparent Gateway (HOA) to Attunity Connect data