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Thread: Daemon on AS400 not able to start

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    Daemon on AS400 not able to start

    Can NOT start Attunity IRPCD daemon on AS/400

    The startup scripts failed to start the job properly, the scripts seemed to be running OK but the jobs were just closing
    The IRPCD daemon on AS/400 went down suddenly. The startup script failed to start the daemon.
    The script ended with the below messages.

    Job 992337/ATTUNITY/ENV4800A completed normally on 05/24/06 at 13:14:12.
    Job 992338/ATTUNITY/SUP4800 completed normally on 05/24/06 at 13:14:17.
    Job 992340/ATTUNITY/SUP4800 completed normally on 05/24/06 at 13:14:18.
    Job 992339/ATTUNITY/ENV4800R completed normally on 05/24/06 at 13:14:23.

    We tried out the following
    1. Added NAVOOT to environment variables
    2. Called the IRPCD program interactively. The below error was thrown.
    Starting a daemon process...
    Segment error (length violation) has occured (signal 5) - attempting recovery
    Internal irpcd error. Process terminated


    the reason was that backupDameon=true was set (that mode is unsupported on AS400) - we removed it and the daemon has started successfully
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