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Thread: ODBC Support AS/400

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    ODBC Support AS/400

    ODBC Support for Non-C Applications on AS400

    Attunity Connect implements the COBOLSQLAllocEnv function, which can be used in place of the SQLAllocEnv API. By setting Attunity Connect to use strings that are space-padded and not null-terminated as input or output, the COBOLSQLAllocEnv function enables applications based on languages other than C to work with ODBC.

    COBOLSQLAllocEnv affects the way the following ODBC APIs handle strings:

    • SQLBrowseConnect
    • SQLColAttributes
    • SQLConnect
    • SQLDataSources
    • SQLDescribeCol
    • SQLDriverConnect
    • SQLDrivers
    • SQLError
    • SQLGetConnectOption
    • SQLGetCursorName
    • SQLGetInfo
    • SQLNativeSql
    • SQLSetConnectOption
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