Whenever the server gets a request, a new nav_util process is always generated. Even though the Reuasble servers feature is enabled.

CAUSE 1: Most probably the user account where the daemon was started from, is not the same account as specified in the workspaceAccount property in the daemon settings.

SOLUTION: Start the daemon from the account specified in the workspaceAccount property.

CAUSE 2: The workspaceAccount and the account which the daemon was started from, are the same. However, the anonymousCleintAccount is set to a different user:
  • workspaceAccount=account1
  • anonymousClientAccount=account2
  • Daemon started from account1
These settings mean that if the user connects to the daemon with an anonymous account, the 'account2' will be used which differs from the daemon account (account1). This will cause the reusable feature not to function properly.

Note: If you supply username/password to connect to the daemon, then the 'account1' will be used, and the reusable servers will function as expected.
SOLUTION: Deleting the anonymousClientAccount.

If the problem was not resolved, please provide the following information to support:
  1. Daemon configuration.
  2. Daemon log file.