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Thread: Backups for attunity replicate

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    Backups for attunity replicate

    Could you please let me know what do I need to do to back up attunity for restore and disaster recovery? For example, to back up:
    1. all the database source and target connections
    2. tasks (I found a section import and export tasks in doc, is it the one used for back up?)

    Please provide your best practice for back up operations for attunity software and configurations.


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    Hello Ram,

    The Export and import is use to move/copy task from one Replicate server to another.

    The Best option to backup Replicate is to stop the Attunity Services and backup your Replicate folder, assuming that you have the data folder in the same location.

    The Replicate folder content all the task setting / and running task information.

    Steve Nguyen

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