I wonder if anyone can provide guidance on making changes to capture tables after you have started to capture changes.


- You create a capture instance with two tables from the same database.
- Start the instance and start consuming changes.
- You realise that there is an additional column you want to capture from the first table.

How do you go about adding this column without losing all the unconsumed changes for that table that have been captured?

I was thinking that maybe I would have to back up the lsn_time_mapping table then restore it after I've added the additional column but I don't really want to start hacking about.

Has anybody ran into this scenario? It seems to me to be a fairly standard procedure due to the nature of changes in databases, but I can't find any information about how to modify a CDC instance after it is operational. I tried it through the Designer but it wanted me to drop the CDC database which would delete everyhting - unless I've missed something.

I am using SQL Server Enterprise 2012 SP1 CU9 connecting to an Oracle 11g database using a 12c client.

I have multiple consumers that use the same CDC instance (this instance captures multiple tables) but I think this is ok as each consumer looks at a different table within the instance and has a different CDC variable to mark where it has read up to. Again, could anyone provide guidance if this is ok? I have tested it and it works for small scenarios.

Thanks for your help,