Here is my situation:

We are replicating 54 tables from a Oracle transactional DB to SQL Server DB with Attunity. This is a logical group of tables and was set up as part of a single capture process (One SSIS package includes all 54 tables). Now we had a situation on the source database where we have to recover only 2 of those 54 tables from a backup file. What are my options to reset just those 2 table captures. I am trying to avoid reinitializing the whole set of 54 tables (Running the one time load SSIS package with all 54 tables and then running the incremental loads).

Is there a better way to just reinitialize the 2 recovered tables? Can I copy the 'one time load job for all 54 tables' and edit it to keep the 2 recovered tables and run it? Will attunity take care of the 'applying changes' when the actual attunity jobs with all 54 tables run after this?

Appreciate your response.
Surya Bhattacharyya