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Thread: error inserting DATE field

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    error inserting DATE field

    Version attunity : 1.1
    SQLServer 2008 Enterprise
    Oracle 11g R2

    I encounter a problem with the Attunity Oracle SSIS Connector when I try to load my data into an Oracle DB by using the Oracle Destination to Attunity.
    The destination table contains a field of type DATE . the Source data type is DATE since i cannot use datetime data type for the reason that i have dates that go as early as year 1607, i belive that datetime data type can only hold until year 1753 The execution of package fails with this error message :

    Error at Data Flow Task [Oracle Destination [1240]]: Datatype conversion of input column "DATE"(1263) is not supported.

    i tested using the data type datetime and i encountered no problems, just with DATE data type

    can you please help me, i'm kinda stuck right now


    Darwin Maramot
    Database Administrator

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    Hi Darwin,

    You get this error when the input column type is different than the external column type. You can see that in the destination component mapping page.

    To handle that, you can add a convert transformation, between the source and the destination components, to convert the column from the source column type to the destination column type (In this case DT_DBTIMESTAMP).


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