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Thread: MAx number of changes in NET mode

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    MAx number of changes in NET mode


    I've ran into an issue whereby my CDC Source is pulling data into the pipeline very slowly when using NET mode. When using ALL mode the flow is fast. If I only have a handful of change rows then NET mode works at an acceptable speed. If the changes run into the 1000's then it grinds to a halt. I am aware NET adds an overhead - can someone advise what the limit of changes in a simgle pass is?



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    Have you tested that the issue is in the SSIS layer and not in the CDC query, try running cdc.fn_cdc_get_net_changes_<capture_instance> in SSMS and check your timings?

    On a side note I found the NET mode didn't work for tables where the PK columns get updated, in SQL Server cdc treats such an operation as a delete, insert operation but when used against Oracle it is treated as an update but without the before values you don't have enough information to work out which row is being affected. I wonder if this is related to your problem? Maybe more then one row is being updated per transaction.

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