I've configured Oracle CDC for SSIS and it is working very nicely. I would like a little bit more information about "how" it is working. I have trawled through the web and can't find anything to answer this question. I'm hoping someone will be able to answer this.
Within the CDC Control Task Editor I have set the CDC Control Operation to "Get Processing Range". I understand that the start LSN of the range will be the last LSN that was previously processed. What I don't undertstand is where it gets the current end LSN from. I would have thought that I would pass in a given end_date_time and it would look up the lsn_time_mapping table to get the lsn for the time, but there is no where to provide this lookup. Does it just take the most up-to-date LSN? Where does it get it from?
I followed the design flow here: Change Data Capture (SSIS)[/URL] which shows a loop to wait for the changes to propagate. Does the Oracle CDC work the same as the SQL Server CDC? Do I need loop check for Oracle CDC?
Although I have this working I would like to fully understand how it is defining the interval to give a bit more confidence in the solution.