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Thread: Failed to prepare the command.

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    Failed to prepare the command.

    I'm not able to get anything but simple sql statements to validate or process using the Attunity PowerPivot Connector for Oracle.

    To reproduce my error, try this simple sql statement.

    select sysdate from dual
    Here is the error I receive:
    [800D] ICommand::Execute: Failed to prepare the command. SQL = select sysdate from dual
    [800D] ICommandPrepare: Failed to prepare the command. SQL = select sysdate from dual
    [A033] A column by the name 'sysdate' was not found.

    Any idea as to why that won't validate? sysdate is a pretty common Oracle function. This sql works fine with the standard oracle driver. I'm running 11g.

    Thanks in advance!

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    The Attunity PowerPivot Connector for Oracle uses Attunity's distributed query processor and so its SQL syntax is different than the native Oracle SQL syntax.

    If you need to use SQL commands, you may be able to make use of the Attunity pass-through syntax, so your query can be phrased as follows:

    select * from text={{ select sysdate from dual }}()
    All the text around your initial query is part of the pass-through syntax.
    By Dror Harari

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