When using SQL Server CDC for SSIS (or any of the CDC for SSIS products), I try to create a new CDC Service using the ‘CDC Service Configuration Wizard’. After supplying the source SQL Server information and user credentials, and successfully passing the ‘Test Environment’ check, I get an error after clicking ‘Next’ on the ‘CDC Service’ step. This is when I am expecting to see the ‘Select Tables’ step where I would see a list of tables from the source database to choose from to create my CDC solution.

The error message says:
‘Failed to start the CDC Service. Time out has expired and the operation has not been completed. Click Next to retry, or Cancel to exit the wizard.’

This is most often caused when the SSIS project has been created on a shared or network drive.

The ‘CDC Service’ step of the ‘CDC Service Configuration Wizard’ creates a Windows CDC Service. This service is looking for configuration information that is stored under the SSIS project folder, and may not be available on a network drive.


Try re-creating the SSIS project in a folder on a local drive.