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Thread: Element Counter attribute

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    Question Element Counter attribute

    The help documentation describes this attribute as allowing you to assign a varible to specify the number of elements in an array. Does that mean that if the element is an Array with a capacity of 10 and only one element is populated, Attunity will handle blank filling the remaining elements so that data alignment on the AS400 is correct?

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    Can you please clarify what datasource you are accessing on the AS/400. The 'counter' attribute in ADD is used mostly with file system datasources such as VSAM and DISAM (both not native on AS/400 though DISAM works there).

    In general, when you are working with Cobol where you have OCCURS DEPENDING ON constructs, the COUNTER field is like the DEPENDING ON field.

    When entering an XML document that is to be converted into an in-memory structure (e.g. Cobol's) the counter is set according to how many elements of the array were given on input. The rest of the elements are set to NULLS.
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