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Thread: ERROR: Cannot generate new adapters using the Attunity BizTalk Gateway

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    BizTalk Adapter - ERROR: Cannot generate new adapters - Attunity BizTalk Gateway


    The user is unable to generate new Adapters using the Attunity BizTalk Gateway.


    The default BizTalk User created by the Microsoft BizTalk installation should have enough permissions on the machine.

    The BizTalk User should also be part of the following groups:
    • BizTalk Application Users
    • BizTalk Isolated Host Users
    • Biztalk Server Administrators
    If the error is related to SQLServer, also make sure the BizTalk User has access to Microsoft's SQLServer.

    If you still face problems, the BizTalk User should be added as part of the Administrators group.
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