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Thread: Error when generating artifacts in BiztalkServer

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    Exclamation Error when generating artifacts in BiztalkServer

    Issue generating artifacts in BTS 2004 using 4.8.2 on the server and 1.3.2 on the BTS server

    When I try and generate either schemas or adapters within visual studio it starts the wizard and in the case of the generate schemas I get the list of adapters but when I select and adapter the screen hangs for a long time before returning the error

    client.networkError: Failed to read data from the server

    I have recently upgraded to 4.8.2 of AIS and 1.3.2 of the adapter

    The installation on the AS400 was to a new area.
    The installation on the BizTalk server was an uninstall of the prior version and an install of the new version then an import of the adapters.

    The existing adapters function fine there is nothing wrong with them.

    After installing the windows kit and testing the adapters and interactions using the XMLDemo utility, no problems occurred.

    The problem only occurs when using the wizard in Visual Studio.

    The resolution:

    With a clean installation of Attunity Connect, in the ACADMIN binding the acxmonitor adapter has a setting of:

    adapter name="acxMonitor" type="journal" preloaded="true"

    this needs to be changed to set the value of preloaded to false

    adapter name="acxMonitor" type="journal" preloaded="false"
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