Due to changes in the Microsoft BizTalk 2006 Server product, the Attunity BizTalk Gateway 2006 (v1.3.3 and higher) are more strict about default Interaction names.

Here are the two suggested methods for avoiding parsing errors, when creating a new Interaction:

1. By default the option "Use the interaction name as the name of the input element" is set. This option is settable in the Add Adapter Schema - "Schema Options Page".

If this option is set, the user should not set the Interaction name in the "Ports Page" in the Wizard. the user should create the Port and not click on the "Set Interaction" option.

This is actually very useful, since the Port will accept multiple interactions.

If you have created your Port this way, you can clear the Interaction name as follows:-
  • Run the BizTalk Administration Console.
  • Expand your Biztalk Application and click on "Send Ports".
  • Right-Click on the port and select "Properties".
  • Click on "Configure" and clear the Interaction name.
2. If you choose not to work with the Interaction name as the default input element, by clearing the checkbox in the wizard. You should use the "Set Interaction" in the "Ports Page".


If you fail to follow the instructions of (1) or (2), BizTalk will construct an invalid input request, and you may get the following error:
[X02C] Improperly formed 'execute' request