Here is the recommended upgrade procedure for the Attunity BizTalk Suite. The process describes the upgrade process from the same BizTalk product version (for example v1.3.0 of BizTalk 2004 Sutie to v1.3.2 of BizTalk 2004).
1. Stop the BizTalk Hosts from the BizTalk Administration Console.
  • Click on the "BizTalk Server Administration" from the "Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004" menu.
  • Expand to the "Hosts" section, and right-click each host and choose Stop.
2. Use the "BizTalk Deployment Wizard" to export each of your assemblies.
  • Use the "Export BizTalk assembly binding to file" on each of the assemblies which uses the Attunity BizTalk Gateway.
All of the configurations of the ports and the binding related to your assemblies will be exported.
3. Use the ExportAdapters utility for your version of the BizTalk Gateway.
  • Always consult with Support about the recent patches.
4. Delete all the configurations related to the ports from BizTalk.

5. Use the DeleteAdapter utility in the BizTalk Gateway kit, and delete all adapters.

6. Unstall the current BizTalk Gateway.

7. Install the new version.

8. Use the ImportAdapters utility of the kit.

9. Use the Import from "BizTalk Deployment Wizard".

10. Restart the the BizTalk Hosts.