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Thread: DB400 journal CDC

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    DB400 journal CDC

    Can Attunity DB400 CDC process XXG journal file in Y.Y Hour?

    When we do AS400 CDC POC, We always meet this kind of question:( Certainly it is also the question for all CDC projects)

    Production system will generate e.g 50G journal file one day and most of them are generated during the night by Batch jobs, How long will Attunity CDC solution take to bring all those changes to StagingArea and to target machine? If we can get all in the target Dataware house machine before working hour, it is the best.

    Certainly the performance are depended on many factors.e.g the power of machines ,network... (As my experience , the power of machine on which running SA is quite helpful for the performance)

    So I want to share some exprience here,and hope you can share your experience [thanks in advance].

    As we know the performance of Attunity CDC is very stable.I mean the number of events Attunity CDC can process in one minute is almost same when you process thousand of events or million of events or more.So we can do a performance test based on 100K records changes first and then check how much space in journal receiver will be used by those 100K records' changes,then we can get a relation between following factors: 1) size of journal receiver 2) number of events 3) time needed to process those events and also 4) size of SA file (maybe it is not so useful)
    Certainly we also need to check the percentage of the events of the tables Attunity CDC solution need to monitor in all changes and the percentage among insert,update,delete operations ( as normally update will generate two before image and after image events, Insert /delete will be one events),it is also not so easy .however at least we can have a way to estimate the time needed.
    Here is a example we got :

    We updated 500,000 records of a 600byte-record-length table,it spans two journal receivers.All entries in the 2nd receiver are belongs to this update. There is 574276 entries, it is for 287138 records update (before and after -image entrie for each update) .the used space of 2nd journal receiver is 0.65G.The size of file in Staging Area is about 287138 record*(600+349 byte)=260MB
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