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Thread: Handling numeric separators

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    Handling numeric separators

    The Attunity CDC agent is configured by default to accomodate decimal dot as the fraction separator, for example
    in 31.56 the dot separates the fraction part of the number from the whole part. In case other setting is used in a
    specific Oracle DB, the agent will fail with the following message:
    "ORACDC: Error in table 'table_name': Can't convert field 'field_name' from string to binary buffer...."
    Handling the problem:
    In Oracle, this setting is determined and configured by various system environment variables and Oracle variables
    during Oracle installation and Oracle startup. The current setting of a specific Oracle DB can be checked by using
    the query "SELECT * FROM NLS_DATABASE_PARAMETERS" and looking at the value of the
    NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS parameter. This parameter shows the values of the decimal fraction separator
    and the decimal thousands separator, for example, some possible values of it can be ".," indicating dot as the
    fraction separator and comma as the thousands separator, or ". " indicating dot as the fraction separator and
    space as the thousands separator, or ",." indicating comma as the fraction separator and dot as the thousands
    In case the DB setting is different from ".," the Attunity agent should be configured to read the separator as dot.
    This configuration is done in the agent binding in the environment variables section, for example:

    PHP Code:
    <?xml version='1.0' encoding='windows-1252'?>
    <navobj version=''>
      <binding name='ORACDC1_AG'>
       <datasources name='ORACDC1_AG'>
        <datasource name='ORACDC1' owner='' type='ORACLE8'>
         <config oracleConnect='@ORACLE10G2'>
       <environment name='ORACDC1_AG'>
        <debug timeTrace='true'/>
         <tempFeature id='id1' value='value1'/>
                <envVariable name='NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS' value='.,'/>
       <adapters name='ORACDC1_AG'>
        <adapter definition='ORACDC1_ag' name='ORACDC1_ag' type='OraCDCA'>
         <config datasource='ORACDC1' getBeforeImage='false' logLevel='None'>
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