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Thread: Adabas Database --> Attunity --> SQL Server

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    Adabas Database --> Attunity --> SQL Server


    I am new to this Attunity product. Here is my question
    I am developing a ASP.NET application with SQL server 2005/2008 database. From my .Net application, i need to retrieve some data from Adabas database (Mainframe - developed in Natural) and to be saved in SQL Server database. Scenerio is, I am entering Employee Id in .Net application, it has connect to Adabas database thru this Attunity tool and retrieve the employee information and stored in sql server. Can you please explain detailly, how to use this attunity tool.

    Awaiting u'r reply.


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    Hi Jay,

    The scenario you are describing can be accomplished in the following steps:

    1. Installing the Attunity Server software on your Mainframe. This requires simple installation and configuration as to our installation manual.

    2. Installing the Attunity ADO NET provider on your client machine.

    Our ADO NET interface is very simple and using few lines of code, you can accomplish the scenario you are describing.

    Please, contact one of our offices to get the installation kits and the proper information (and demo license):

    Adeeb M.
    Attunity Support
    To Find Out more About Attunity Technology:
    Contact Us

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