Changes are captured and maintained in a change table. The table contains the original table columns and CDC header columns. The following describes the header columns:
  • Stream Position: The stream position is identified by the MS LSN (log sequence) number.
  • context: The recordís current context.
  • operation: This column lists the operations available for the CDC agent. The available operations are:

    • INSERT
    • DELETE
    • COMMIT
  • transactionID: The operationís transaction ID. The transaction ID is increased each time a new transaction starts and a BEGIN_AXACT record is logged.
  • tableName The name of the table where the change was made.
  • For the INSERT operation, enter the owner name and then the table name.
  • For COMMIT and ROLLBACK operations, this value is the same as the OPERATION value.
  • timestamp: The date and time of the occurrence.
  • In MSSQL Server, the timestamp is written in COMMIT and ROLLBACK records only.
  • User ID: The user ID is recorded with BEGIX TX.

The data portion returns a copy of the backend table layout.