Attunity R & D Jan-2006

MS-SQL CDC - V5.01 features & enhancements

  • Support for BEFOREIMAGE / UPDATE

At V5.0 - an UPDATE operation was transmitted as a DELETE/INSERT pair.
As of v5.01 - an UPDATE operation is CDC-ed with accordance to the ordinary standard: Values prior to the UPDATE operation are passed at a BEFOREIMAGE record while updated values are passed at an UPDATE record.

  • LGR - basic security measures & control

Following security related issues have been dealt with

i. Login information is not logged at LOG files 'AS IS' anymore.
Instead - it is now logged as invisible "****".

ii. LGR can now be instructed to LOGIN using Windows Authentication.
A new attribute - 'useWindowsAuthentication' is introduced at the <cdcOrigin> section of the XML input schema. It defaults to 'false' - namely - use SQL server authentication with provided user/password. When set to 'true', Windows authentication is applied - in which case user/password can merely be omitted from the input file.
Using this feature there is no need to specify literally un-encrypted user/password information at the input file.

  • UDT - User defined Types partial / limited support

Generally speaking - MS-SQL CDC is not committed to provide support for UDT.
However - as a UDT is encountered - it would not be reported as an error anymore. Instead - it will be mapped onto its base type and be handled as such.