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Thread: SQL Server Replication config for ATT cdc

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    SQL Server Replication config for ATT cdc

    I'm trying configure Attunty SQLServer 2000 cdc. (Att 5.000).
    I'm following Attunity® Integration Suite 79 section. So:

    1. Security properties from the SQLS Properties dialog box. Authentification settings to SQLS and Windows, and Audit level to none.

    2. MSSQLSERVER service, Log on tab , Allow service interact with desktop.

    3. Setting db. Recovery model to full, spaces, trunc log on chkpt to false, and my database has one only table with primay key field.

    4. generating the sqlcdclgr service. It perfetly runs with next xml configuration:

    <cdcOrigin server='nacho' database='cdc' user='nacho2' password='nacho2' defaultOwner='dbo'/>
    <transientStorage directory='C:\Archivos de programa\Attunity5000\Server\Tmp\sqlcdc1' maxFileSize='1000000' totalSize='100000000' lowThreshold='65' highThreshold='85'/>
    <logging directory='C:\Archivos de programa\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\Data'/>
    <control batchSize='50000' retryInterval='1' debugLevel='debug' traceDBCC='false' traceStatistics='false' />
    <detainer detainingTimeInterval = '300' detainerTxnDurationLimit ='2147483647' traceActivity='false'/>

    When I run it, it generate in transient Storage next 2 files:
    00000005_0000024a_0001.cdc and 00000005_0000024a_0001.toc.
    When I make UPDATE, DELETE or INSERT sql operatios the .cdc file is modificated but the .toc always is emply.

    5. Generate Att sqls cdc solution.
    When I run the agent and router next error is produced in agent:

    SQL Server message 208, state 1, severity 16:
    El nombre de objeto 'sysarticles' no es válido.
    SQLCDC_SESSION:320 ERR_HANDLER captured message:
    DB-LIBRARY error: Error general de SQL Server: compruebe los mensajes del servidor SQL. severity=5
    SQLCDC_TRNSTOR:980 Internal Call:

    I've searched problems in windows event view, sqlcdclgr log files, and SQLServer Administrator log register, but I don't find anything.
    I think that my SQLS recovery configuration is wrong, because the .toc file in transient Storage is always emply.

    Sorry by my large message.
    Pleaseeeeee help me!!! :eek:
    Thank you very much.

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    Have you applied the REPLICATION script?

    1. Translating the Spanish message "El nombre de objeto 'sysarticles' no es válido." into English yields "The object name “sysarticles” is not valid."
    "sysarticels" table (and others..) are introduced at a database as REPLICATION is set on.
    I believe that the script that is generated at the very final stages of the solution creation sequence has not been applied.
    This script turns the REPLICATION on, constructs the publication, articels etc...
    (Replicated database are iconized pictorially at the Enterprise manager by the a 'hand' symbol - much like 'shared files')

    2. Yes - we maintain both *.cdc files that hold data and *.TOC files (=T_able O_f C_ontents) companions.
    *.toc are deliberately planned to be empty directory entries - used as such - for speeding up the positioning of a given LSN (=Key) records held at the transient storage.
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    Thank you Hillel,
    It perfetly works!!! :)

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