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Thread: How to create a job to stop CDC

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    How to create a job to stop CDC


    we have a job running every night on the server that hold CDC...that job is quite memory consuming ...

    I would like to know how i can put in place a scheduled job that will stop the CDC during that moment to free some memory
    and after that re-start again the CDC ...

    i have seen that in the DB "MSXDBCDC" there is 2 procedure called xdbcdc_start/stop
    it only do an update (set= 0) on the table xdbcdc_databases...

    do i have to use that stored proc ??


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    By design, the only way to communicate with the CDC process is by means of the database so those procedures xdbcdc_start/stop
    which update the table xdbcdc_databases are the way to go. The CDC instance is watching those tables and acts according to what's in them.

    In general, the memory consumption should not increase over time. It is hard to opine here since there's very little information in the question but the CDC process uses memory to improve performance when applying transactions so very large transactions could use more memory (to a configured limit).
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