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Thread: Attunity CDC Instance Error- Timezone and Log files not found

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    Unhappy Attunity CDC Instance Error- Timezone and Log files not found

    Hello everyone,

    finally my account is activated and I can write you about my CDC Instance Problems.
    I have installed an Oracle CDC Instance on our Windows Server (2008) and it runs for a few hours without having Problems. Then we get the following error and it stops for 29 Seconds, but it starts automatically to run again:
    SUSPENDED LOGGER ORACDC517E:Oracle Call Intreface (OCI) method failed: ORA-01882: time zone region not found
    It runs for 2 or 3 hours and then it stops. The CDC Instance is paused and in Logger Modus. The Error is really worrying:
    ORACDC517E:Oracle Call Intreface (OCI) method failed: ORA-01291: missing logfile. ORA-06512: at "SYS.DBMS_LOGMNR", line 58.ORA-06512: at line 2.
    The CDC Instance is stopped for good.
    Is that true, that your agent will try to add the Oracle log files from 12 hours before? The Oracle dba's, delete-clean the Log Files every night. Is that the cause of the Problem? And the Time zone Error? I know it stops just for 29 Seconds, but in that time we can loose important data.
    When I try to add a Diagnostic File to the CDC, the difference of the Start Time, that the CDC Service purposes, is two hours. Example, the Windows Server Time is 13.00 and the Start Time for the Diagnostics File is than 11.00. I donít really know, if that is an important Information...

    Best Regards,

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    Hi rso,

    The Logger suspended massage is not necessarily an indication of a problem. It can be a temporary state where the log is not available for read, for example, because the source database is loaded.

    Please note that loosing changes is impossible. If the log was deleted and the CDC service is not able to read changes, the service will stop and will not be able to resume untill you restart the CDC instance.

    You mentioned that the log files are deleted everynight, this is fine but, you need to make sure that not all the logs are deleted. the newest logs may be still read so, you need to make sure that the logs generated in the last X minutes are not deleted. Again, this will not cause loosing changes but, may cause the CDC instance to fail reporting that a log is missing.

    Last comment, the time difference you observed, is the UTC time rather than the local time. This should not be an issue...


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