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Thread: CDC in logger mode Message (Trying to get next record)

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    CDC in logger mode Message (Trying to get next record)

    I have two CDC running on the same server and accessing two different schema on Oracle RAC server.

    I get logger mode message and rarely get both of the CDC instances in the same mode.

    I check log miner on oracle and log miner plotting along processing info for one instance of CDC and the other instance of CDC stay in logger mode with message trying to get next record.

    I check the archive log and they are keep for 14 days.

    Is there any thing we can do to get the instance working again without resetting?

    From the log it get ORA-01291 Missing Log File....

    I check the Oracle Archive log files and there is no missing log. I am wondering how Attunity pass to Oracle Log miner (ie time range or SCN) it could be Attunity pass the time range or SCN in error to Oracle Log Miner.

    Is there any way we can see what Attunity sending to Log Miner?
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