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Thread: CDC for Oracle causing errors in LogMiner.

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    Question CDC for Oracle causing errors in LogMiner.

    We have CDC for Oracle running successfully, however, there is a major side effect.
    On the Oracle server, the logminer has over a million entries like this:

    "there are one million rows in the alert file which start with “LOGMINER”. Of those, about 37,000 rows say “** LOGMINER WARNING - Invalidated 1 LCRs **".
    SERVER:/u01/app/oracle/db/tech_st/>egrep WARNING alert_SERVER.log |wc
    36964 295709 1626416
    SERVER:/u01/app/oracle/db/tech_st/>egrep LOGMINER alert_SERVER.log |wc
    984137 5688340 51952268"

    How can I configure either Oracle or Attunity to ensure these messages are not being recorded in the Oracle Logminer?

    Oracle's response has been:
    "Unfortunately these messages can not be suppressed from alert.log
    These messages are expected behavior for LogMiner implementation."

    These entries make managing real errors a serious problem, and unless we find a solution, we may not be able to implement CDC for Oracle in production.
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