I am trying to capture change data from an Oracle Logical Standby database but after starting the service it goes into LOGGER status and has the following messages in the log file. I've seen a few documents where it states that CDC is only supported using Oracle physical standby but those documents are for the Replicate product, therefore my question is whether it is possible to configure Change Data Capture for Oracle by Attunity to use an Oracle logical standby."3/13/2018 2:10:54 PM","ERROR","ServerXX","SUSPENDED","LOGGER","ORACD C514E:Failed to add redo log with sequence 843.","source","","""3/13/2018 2:10:54 PM","TRACE","ServerXX","SUSPENDED","LOGGER","ORACD C000T:Error encountered at set position - EOF simulated","source","","""3/13/2018 2:10:54 PM","ERROR","ServerXX","SUSPENDED","LOGGER","ORACD C511E:The Oracle CDC failed to position.","source","",""ThanksStuart