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Thread: Micrososft CDC oracle table(Index-Organized Table) is not capturing

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    Micrososft CDC oracle table(Index-Organized Table) is not capturing

    Hi All, I've configured cdc for oracle on 7 oracle tables. One table is not capturing the changes. This one is a index Organized table. Any idea's how to solve it?

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    Software versions?

    Just to be sure, this is a (new?) Microsoft SSIS solution to move change data from Oracle to Oracle using the Attunity CDC tools right?

    If the (ETL) procedures are not too complex, then you may want to check out or REPLICATE product as very easy to use Solution: "Click to Replicate"

    Not sure why an Index Organized table would work differently.
    Does that table have supplemental logging configured?
    No changes at all? ( Inserts? Updates? Deletes? )
    Anything in any log?

    Please provide some further detail information such as DB platform used (Windows? HUPX?...) and the versions for the source and target OS and DB as well as the Attunity SSIS version used.


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