Change routers are active components that read change events over a network connection and apply them to a target. When an error occurs, the cause of the error and relevant details are logged to a log file. In addition, AIS provides error descriptions about the error. These error descriptions are handled by the status columns in the SERVICE_CONTEXT table. See Monitoring the Status for more information about the status columns.
AIS lets the user determine how to handle the error based on its description. When an error occurs, the change router holds the event until an error behavior is selected. The following are the error behaviors:
  • Skip: The change router tries to skip a the event which caused the router error.
  • Retry: The change router to tries to process the event again, This option lets you execute the event again after manually fixing the error.
  • Pause: This pauses the change router when it does not pull changes from the agent.
  • Resume: This resumes the change router if it is paused.