Attunity AIS Provides CDC Capabilities for database systems, file systems and applications on various platforms.

Attunity AIS availability Matrix list supports the following CDC Items:
ADABAS, Enscribe, IMS, IMS/DB, SQL/MP, VSAM, DB2, DB400, Oracle, SQL Server.

CDC Supported Platforms:
AS/400 CDC, Mainframe CDC, OpenVMS CDC, Tandem CDC, HP NonStop CDC, IBM CDC, INTEL CDC, SUN CDC, HP CDC, Itanum CDC, Alfa CDC, RS600 CDC, HP9000 CDC, SPARC CDC, iSeriese CDC, zSeriese CDC.

CDC Supported Operating Systems:
Windows, UNIX, Z/OS, LINUX, AIX, Solaris, HP-UX,OS/400, OS/390, MVS.