If changes are not written to the journal or other native Change Source, make sure that the journal and system (such as CICS) file definitions match (for example, the same logstream number in CICS is used in the journal).
To check that changes are written in the journal
  1. From the Windows Start menu, point to Programs, Attunity and then Server Utilities, then click XML Utility.

    The XML Utility is displayed.
  2. Select the relevant server, workspace and CDC agent adapter.
  3. Click Events to open the Events listener.
  4. Click Start Events in the Events listener. You can specify the event name and qualify it with an application name to provide a unique starting point for the change events.
  5. Update a table with data to be captured (for example, using NAV_UTIL execute).

The captured event is displayed in the XML Utility Events listener window.
If changes are written to the journal, set the Attunity server environment properties driverTrace and acxTrace in the debug section for the CDC binding. Make changes to the data source and analyze the resulting standard Attunity server logs.