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Thread: How to skip some events made in a speicified time period

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    How to skip some events made in a speicified time period

    Question : We want to skip all changes happened during the night .As there is huge transaction/operations made by batch job, we donot want to capture them. For example, we just want to monitor changes happened during the day 8:00 to 18:00 and skip all changes between 19:00 to 5:00 (+1 day

    1.Make sure that the agent’s starting point is set to ‘now’ – this means that when there is no context and no staging area tables, the CDC solution will start consuming even from the activation time.
    2.For the stopping of work at 18:00 they should limit their retrieval to changes that were committed before say, 18:30. Once they see a change that was committed after 18:30 they can stop processing events (this can be after some hours, let’s say 22:00), and can proceed to the next step.
    3.Once no more changes are processed (because all changes they now see were committed after 18:30) , the SA and agent are stopped (for example with IRPCD DISABLE) and the staging area change tables as well as the context table and control table are deleted.
    4. At around 07:45 the SA and agent are enabled (IRPCD ENABLE) and now the ETL starts processing but limits the APPLY only to events committed after 08:00
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