Re-deployment of a CDC solution using the Attunity Studio under version 5.0.1 under some conditions removes the metadata for the CONTROL_TABLE and SERVICE_CONTEXT tables of the staging area. No data is lost - just the ADD description of those tables.

The impact of this is that consumer of the staging area cannot access these tables.

The following simple workaround for this problem should be used until a fix is available:

1. Download the attached cdc_service_5.0.1.xml file to the $NAV_ROOT/def directory of the staging area platform. This needs to be done once.

2. Perform the CDC solution redeployment (e.g., after modifying the CDC solution for whatever reason).

3. From the command line run the following command:
$ cd $NAVROOT/def (or %NAVROOT%\def on Windows)
$ nav_util import -b <staging-area-binding> <staging-area-datasource> cdc_service_5.0.1.xml
for example, if the staging area datasource is called MyCDC_sa then the commands will be:

$ cd $NAVROOT/def (or %NAVROOT%\def on Windows)
$ nav_util import -b MyCDC_sa MyCDC_sa cdc_service_5.0.1.xml
4. Starting ETL processes