After making a change to the stream selection on an existing solution, it failed to redeploy, and now will not open in Studio.

Error received java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 0, Size: 0


1. Browse to the Studio ROOT directory, and located the "projects" subdirectory.
2. Click on the Directory with the same name as the problematic solution.
3. BACKUP the "implementation.xml" immediatly.
4. Edit the "implementation.xml" file using an XML Editor like XMLSpy.
5. Search for the "contentBasedFilter" string, you will see the section which contains the bad filter.
6. Remove the whole XML block "contentBasedFilter", which looks like (I changed the XML tags cause of e-Resolve).

tableName="Account" columnName="Balance" ruleOperation="in"]
7. Save the file, and try to reopen the project.

NOTE:- Make sure to use a capable XML Editor which supports UTF-8.