Questions/Answers regarding the AIS Stream Support on Tandem

What EXACTLY does the LNKCDC file do?
The SQLCDC contains two commands. The first one links our product with the TMF libraries and the second one (SQLCOMP) compiles the embedded SQL statements in our SQL/MP driver.

why we have to issue “FUP LICENSE” on the created navutil executable?
In order to access TMF a program needs to licensed. This is requirement that comes from HP Nonstop and not specific for our product. Our CDC relies on TMF APIs to access the audit trails that contain the changes. Hence the need of the license procedure.

Is BEFORIMAGE a valid option When creating a SQL/MP, ENscribe CDC solution?
yes BEFOREIMAGE is a valid option for SQL/MP and Enscribe CDC solutions

Note that even if the flag doesn’t appear in the solution wizards you can still change its value from the design perspective after the solution is created.