AIS uses EXCI to interface to CICS. EXCI requires some set up:

  • IRC must be open. Use CEMT I IRC from the CICS screen to check your IRC status. If in closed state, set it to open.
  • A specific connection must be set up. Use CEMT I connection to get the list of available connections. Note that you can only use specific connections which have a VTAM netname associated with them. The default available on most systems is BATCHCLI. Attunity provides a JCL for defining an Attunity connection. See the CICS CONF member in the USERLIB.
  • An EXCI mirror transaction ID must be available. The default on most systems is transaction ID EXCI. You can use the CEMT I TRA PROG(DFHMIRS) to get the list of EXCI transaction IDs available on your system.