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Thread: More information about program TRANS3GL

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    More information about program TRANS3GL

    I need more information about how to use de program TRANS3GL.


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    Hi Andre

    I will give here a brief description - please also refer to the documentation and let me know if you need anything specific

    In Short

    3GL transaction

    Programming API
    EXEC CICS LINK PROGRAM- Same as 3GL API except that:

    1- No API to write to. Instead, the details of the request are placed on the COMMAREA and EXEC CICS LINK is used to execute the call to TRANS3GL and get the result.
    2- Data returned is limited by COMMAREA size to under 32K.

    The ODBC thin client requires that the CICS program be linked with the library provided by Attunity. The same applies to the 3GL API. The 3GL transaction requires that the supplied TRANS3GL program be installed in CICS.
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    Tks for the informations.

    I create a helloword program CICS/COBOL using the api program TRANS3GL. But i need more information about the parameter to pass to this program. I used the ACXDEMO.EXE to test the event, i receved the event.

    If you have a sample of CICS/COBOL program to send for me..


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