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Thread: AIS temporary files

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    AIS temporary files

    AIS produces the following temporary files:

    1. Log files
    2. Overflow hash file
    3. Working files for sorting

    Other than the log files, all other temporary files are delete automatically in the normal query processing flow.

    By default, log files are created in the $NAVROOT/tmp directory (or more generally, in the TMP directory under the product installation directory). A custom location can be specified in the AIS environment by setting the tempDir parameter in the Misc category of the environment definition.

    The amount of free space required on the temporary directory depends significantly on the nature of query processing done by the application. The recommended approach is to run the AIS solution under the required stress level and monitor the temporary space consumption - this should give the approximate space requirement.

    A general recommendation is to locate the temporary directory on a different physical disk device than the database device. This reduce disk-head movement and may significantly increase the performance of queries that result in data reduced to temporary files.
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