The first time you connect to a machine with Attunity Studio, the username and password needed to connect to the machine are entered in the Connection area of the Add machine screen.

The user name is an administrator for the machine specified when AIS was installed on the machine or using NAV_UTIL ADD_ADMIN on the machine itself.

Once a machine is defined in Attunity Studio, you can authorize viewing and editing rights of users and groups according to their roles in the design process.

Users can be assigned the following roles:

  • Administrators are allowed to edit all of the definitions in Attunity Studio.
  • Designers are allowed to edit binding definitions and view daemon definitions in Attunity Studio.
  • Users are allowed to view the definitions in Attunity Studio.

To assign authorization rights to users
1. Right-click the machine in the Configuration view and select Administration Authorization.
2. In the Administration Authorization screen, use the Add User and Add Group buttons to assign authorization to specific users and groups of users. The name cannot contain blanks.

Administration Authorization is set from the top down, meaning that if a higher level is set, there is no need to set the same users for the lower levels.