In the event that your AIS installation is lost or corrupted, you must restore the installation. When you restore the installation, you need to restore the server files that you have worked on to this point. Therefore, make sure to back up the AIS server files on a regular basis.

To back up the AIS Server installation, you must back up the following.
  • All of the directories and files in the installation. The default location for these files are in a folder or directory called Attunity/Server.
  • The original installation file.
Place the backed-up files in a where you can easily find them. You will need them if you must restore the installation later.

Follow these steps for restoring the server installation.

To restore the server installation
1. Re-install the AIS server in the original installation location with the original installation file. The default location is in a folder or directory called Attunity/Server. Make sure that you know the location of your server files if you do not use the default location. For more information, see the AIS Installation Guide for the platform you are working with.

2. Restore the backed-up files.
The reason for this two-step process is that the installation procedure sets the environment in ways that are not easy to reproduce by backing up and restoring files (e.g., the installation may register components or copy modules to various locations on the system).
Depending on the scope of recovery (Just AIS or an entire system recovery), recovery may require additional activities, such as recreating user accounts, assigning permissions and system quotas. These activities are handled as part of the standard system backup procedures.