AIS server metadata is backed up and restored as part of the AIS installation backup and restore process. However, in some cases, it is required to back up the metadata contents rather than the physical files (e.g. when upgrading or during development before applying a significant change).

The server metadata includes the following definition types:
  • Daemon definitions
  • User definitions
  • Binding definitions (including environment settings)
  • Adapter metadata for some adapters
  • Data source metadata for some adapters
  • License Key
The following procedure can be used to backup and restore AIS server metadata.

To back up the AIS server metadata
1. Create a list of all the data sources for which you provided metadata. This usually includes non-relational data sources such as VSAM, Enscribe, DISAM, RMS, IMS, DBMS).
2. Run the following NAV_UTIL commands to back up the AIS metadata (see Using NAV_UTIL Utility for information on NACV_UTIL commands). These commands assume that you provided metadata for data sources DS1, DS2, , DSn

$ nav_util export all SYS sys.xml
$ nav_util export all DS1 ds1.xml
$ nav_util export all DS2 ds2.xml
$ nav_util export all DSn dsn.xml

The set of files sys.xml , ds1.xml,, ds2.xml, , dsn.xml is the backup of the AIS server metadata.

Follow this step for restoring the AIS server metadata.

To restore the AIS server metadata
Run the following NAV_UTIL commands:

$ nav_util import SYS sys.xml
$ nav_util import DS1 ds1.xml
$ nav_util import DS2 ds2.xml
$ nav_util import DSn dsn.xml

A more granular metadata backup and restore is possible using other options of the NAV_UTIL EXPORT command. The concept is similar to what was shown above.