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Thread: Client cannot access data.

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    Client cannot access data.


    We can access the datasource when we on the server, but when the user tries to access the datasource from the client via the datsasource shortcut, we do not get the NavSQL prompt.

    The following is from the admin_svc0.log. Please shed some light

    Attunity Server Log (V4.8.2.0, INTEL-NT) Started at 2007-04-12T09:38:43
    Licensed by YYYYYY on 20-FEB-2007 (118768471308)
    Licensed to XXXXXX for +XXXXX, on *.sssss.NET (INTEL-NT)
    Client (No. 1, NAVXML CLIENT) has connected
    Client (id is 0) has disconnected
    Client (No. 2, NAVXML CLIENT) has connected
    [N000] There is no such information in the object store
    (Last message occurred 8 times)
    Client (id is 0) has disconnected

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    Try to stop the IRPCD daemon on Windows and then open the Command Line Console option in the Attunity start menu and type the following command:

    $ irpcd [-l <host>:<port>] -b -v start

    This will make the daemon and all nav_util processes start as interactive windows in the normal user environment (not in a service environment). Now see if the client can connect. If now they can then you should check the account under which the IRPCD service is started - maybe it cannot access the repository (NOS) files or other issues .

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