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    Data Connectivity

    Attunity AIS Provides Data Connectivity for database systems, file systems and applications on various platforms.

    Attunity AIS availability Matrix list supports the following Data Connectivity Items:
    ADABAS Data Connectivity, CISAM Data Connectivity, DBMS Data Connectivity, DISAM Data Connectivity, Enscribe Data Connectivity, IMS Data connectivity, IMS/DB Data Connectivity, ISAM Data Connectivity, RDB Data Connectivity, RMS Data Connectivity, SQL/MP data connectivity, VSAM Data connectivity, DB2 Data connectivity, DB400 Data Connectivity, Oracle Data Connctivity, SQL Server Data Connectivity,Text Files Data Connectivity, Flat Files Data Connectivity, Informix Data Connectivity, Sybase Data Connectivity, TerraData Data Connectivity.

    Supported Data Connectivity Platforms:
    AS/400, Mainframe, OpenVMS, Tandem, HP NonStop, IBM, INTEL, SUN, HP, Itanum,Alfa, RS600 , HP9000, SPARC, iSeriese, zSeriese.

    Supported Data Connectivity Operating Systems:
    Windows, UNIX, Z/OS, LINUX, AIX, Solaris, HP-UX,OS/400, OS/390, MVS.
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