When creating an SELECT XML interaction for tables with arrays, the Studio will not generate the full schema. The schema would be generated with the "ANY" XML tag.

This maybe be suitable for some applications, however, many ETL tools require strict XML schemas, and will not be able to map this interaction.


Using the Studio's automatic generation as follows:

  1. Start the Attunity Studio.
  2. Create a new DB Adapter or select your adapter.
  3. Go to the Metadata perspective and Add a new interaction.
  4. Select "Automatic (table-based interactions)".
  5. Click Add to add your tables.
  6. Check the "Enable hierarchical mode" option.
    Attachment 177
  7. If you want the SELECT interaction to use a specific key/index, check the "Use Key in Select" option.
  8. In the "Key Columns" specify the keys.
  9. Click "Finish" to generate the interactions.